• 2006 - Kyle XY / Male Camper  

  • Todas contra John / Justin

  • Serpentes a bordo / Kyle

  • O Pacto / Pogue Parry

  • Friday Night Lights / Tim Riggins

  • 2008 - Gosple Hill / Joel Herrod

  • 2009 - X-Men Origens: Wolverine / Remy LeBeau/Gambit

  • 2010 - Repórteres de Guerra / Kevin Carter

  • 2012 - John Carter

  • Battleship / Alex Hopper

  • Selvagens / Chon

The Grand Seduction

 Lone Survivor

The Normal Heart


  1. Taylor Kitsch parece muito esforçado e merece tudo de bom.

  2. He is a great actor, but with many poor scripts he needs a new director besides Pete Berg, who is not helping him at all in his career, he could be the successor of Heath Ledger and even has something in common with James Dean, passion for motorcycles especially if they are Triumph. If he is smart enough he will find his right lady outside Hollywood, what he said, she shouldn't be "super, super, superficial and extremley dependent on him, a kind of an outdoors lady, and obviously with lots of character and a great personality and must be a true lady, I bet that he will find the lady in the next 12 months. Once he is married with the right one, he will have more time to think what are the best movies, even working on theaters like Ledger did it, and pick up the best characters and the best directors for him. Enough with Peter Berg, friends yes, but not united by any umbilical cord, hope that someone will have the courage and the wisdom to say it to him, if not in just a couple of years his actor's career will be over, which will be almost a tragedy for the film industry to loose such a wonderful and funny actor, with a unique sense of humour


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