1. Oii, to participando do teu blog porque vi uma pergunta tua sobre isso no yahoo, pode seguir o meu também ?

    Acabei de fazer, portanto, não tem muita coisa, mas logo logo terá !
    Obrigada e besitos !

  2. I do not agree at all that True Detective II was a bad show or it was boring or a mess, it is a very well achieved "film noire", which still delights us in many ways. The actors, starting by the exceptional Collin Farrell, has an outstanding performance, likewise, Miss. Mac Adams and the real fantastic Taylor Kitsch, even Vince Vaughn is quite convincing in his role of a businessman with quite dark interests in drugs, coming from Mexico, he was all right. For many other reasons, I find outrageous some critics, which finds its origin on all kind of prejudices against the show, and more specifically against some actors. It is obvious that "the commentators” cannot compare apples with oranges, such is the case of many comments in many papers and Television shows, which in my humble opinion are totally mistaken. Most of these judgements were based on pure envy, idiotic judgements coming from a bunch of dicks.

    Everything was different from True Detective One, we didn't have the same place, the first one, has been shot in New Orléans and the last one in Los Angeles. Secondly the script was indeed quite different, by the same writer, who did a great job, it has been written in an excellent manner, based in well known true facts, which were going on near LA. But what pisses me off, is who had received more unfair and idiotic critics and even personal attacks, is without any doubt Mr. Kitsch, Kitsch is a young and very smart actor, a guy who is, as the French call guys like him a true “charmer” (in English a charming guy) who had shown us, his acting skills first in the quite touching and emotive "Friday Night Lights", he was an incredible Tim Riggings, with a very little experience on television or cinema at the time, this was his first experience with Pete Berg, in spite that I saw it years later, I enjoyed this great show so human and natural a lot. “Battleship” (Peter Berg), was another good film, especially the way that he represented his character. "Normal Heart" he shared roles with Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, the marvelous and still gorgeous Julia Roberts, another film, which was a true and real drama of the 1980's, Kitsch was great as well, With the three-times Oscar®-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone brings to life this ferocious “Savages”, in which Kitsch demonstrates that he is able to perform successfully lots of characters, no matter how difficult they could be. Again Pete Berg was responsible for "Sole Survivor"; Kitsch (Lt. Michael Murphy RIP) was accompanied by formidable actors as Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, the British Eric Bana and Mark Wahlberg in a fantastic role of Marc Lutthrell, the lone survivor, and a true and incredible American hero. Kitsch portrayed Michael Murphy, for his comrades of the Navy Seals, just “Murph” with truthfulness and lots of respect, well deserved.

    Last but not least, there is a stereotype, if an actor or actress is good looking, for some envious and “small people”, these actors should be a disaster. Well Kitsch isn't at all, and he certainly is and will be one of the best actors of Hollywood’s new generation. I can apply the same thought, regarding Miss Mc Adams who is brilliant and a very natural actress. I am sure that most viewers don't follow these horrendous critics, the show is still a success, and I hope that some of the current actors will be summoned up for the III "True Detective", they deserve it by far.

  3. He is a great actor, but with many poor scripts he needs a new director besides Pete Berg, who is not helping him at all in his career, he could be the successor of Heath Ledger and even has something in common with James Dean, passion for motorcycles especially if they are Triumph. If he is smart enough he will find his right lady outside Hollywood, what he said, she shouldn't be "super, super, superficial and extremley dependent on him, a kind of an outdoors lady, and obviously with lots of character and a great personality and must be a true lady, I bet that he will find the lady in the next 12 months. Once he is married with the right one, he will have more time to think what are the best movies, even working on theaters like Ledger did it, and pick up the best characters and the best directors for him. Enough with Peter Berg, friends yes, but not united by any umbilical cord, hope that someone will have the courage and the wisdom to say it to him, if not in just a couple of years his actor's career will be over, which will be almost a tragedy for the film industry to loose such a wonderful and funny actor, with a unique sense of humour


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