segunda-feira, 13 de junho de 2016

few more pics

@Regrann from @dr0p_the_hammer  -  Another tough, but fun day of racing (twice) at the Chicago Super @spartanrace! 😅 It was evident early on that I was still feeling the effects of Monterey last weekend, and decided to shut er down and just get to that finish line. That Illinois humidity did not help matters either.. Sheesh! 😓 This weekend wasn't about me though.. The only reason I even made the trip to Chicago was to lead the #FridayNightLights cast through their first #Spartan! 👏🏼 I'm a tough guy to please, but @minkak, @aimeeteegarden, TK, and Zach exceeded my expectations as they straight beasted through the 8.5 mile course! Minka was on the rope climb for well over a minute, but didn't give up until she rang that bell! TK showed he still has some Tim Riggins in him as he straight dominated the Bucket Brigade and Multi Rig. Aimee cruised through the Monkey Bars with EASE, and set a very honest running pace throughout. And Zach was the only one to hit his Spear Throw. Couldn't of done it without my sidekick @runningrosie 😁 And a super thank you to @marriottrewards for making this all happen. 💯🤘🏼#UntilNextTime #PeaceOutChicago #TexasForever #ClearEyesFullHeartCantLose #SpartanRace #FNL #SpartanProTeam #FriendOfMR #Reunited2Race #Regrann #taylorkitsch

@Regrann from @kegilligan  -  #riggins #33 #fnl #cleareyesfullheart #Regrann #taylorkitsch #timriggins #FridayNightLights #actor #SpartanRace

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