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Keep Bleeding by HaveNoMercy (Chapter 5)

Rogue lay awake all night wishing her husband was there, but still aching for Logan. Her thoughts went on non-stop as little fears crept along the periphery of her mind, reminding her of the husband that had abandoned her while other man yearned for her nearby. She tried to clear her mind and think of nothing.
Not so long ago she'd been completely in love with her husband. They'd said their vows and their marriage was blissful. He'd swept her up into his arms and made her believe that every dream could come true for a simple girl from Mississippi. They were always passionate, always intense, and always with each other.
Every mission that parted them even for one night seemed like torture. They'd make up for it by all night love-making and staying sealed away in their private quarters together the following day.
It wasn't that she was falling out of love with her husband as much as thoughts of Logan and her need for him were consuming her. Remy was becoming an afterthought and that was scaring her. Her husband was becoming second place.
Her phone rang.

"Can't sleep?"
She smiled sadly. "Not in this big empty bed."
"Yeah," he said.
"You coming home soon?"
"Rogue," was all he said.

"We have to work," she told him.

"Pourquoi?" he asked. "Because we're the perfect couple? Because we're Rogue and Remy? You're the one who's in love with someone else."

"I'm not…" she trailed off.

"See, you can't even finish the sentence."

"Remy, you're my husband."

"Not lately; not in your heart."

She closed her eyes.

"Just come home," she whispered.

"To what?"

"To me!"

He sighed. "Goodnight, Rogue."
The line went dead and Rogue finally fell asleep at 6 AM.
Three Weeks Later
They stood together looking out the window over the island of Manhattan. The busy city glittered beneath them, moving and charging, brimming with life. Rogue sipped her wine, savoring the flavor, her heart and body waiting to feel Logan in her arms. She felt herself aching, her heart pounding, her body pulsating.
This was what she'd been thinking about for months. The moment she'd been fantasizing about and pushing away for so many nights. Now that it was here she was suddenly afraid. Could she really do this with him? Could she actually go through with it?
They'd walked through the streets like lovers, holding onto each other. Logan had then booked a beautiful suite for them and gotten a bottle of her favorite wine. As she sipped the wine, she felt tiny waves of emotion fluttering within her lower abdomen, making her blush as she smiled. With her eyes and attention on the city below, she gasped slightly when a warm hand came to her shoulder and began turning her body.
The tension was burning between the both of them. She could feel him being driven crazy by it just as much as she was. He was right there and she needed to touch him.
"Look at me," he said to her softly, turning her to him more fully.
She did and he washed his beautiful eyes over hers, making her instantly warmer. His fingers pulled the sleeves of her blouse down, exposing her shoulders and the curves of her breasts. She lifted her face up, allowing him to draw her close and lowered his mouth onto hers. Their lips touched softly at first, and then just as she'd fantasized he would, he crashed his mouth against hers, putting everything he had into the kiss. Her delicate hand went up his back and into his thick hair, but as their passion began to ignite, Rogue's conscience got ahold of her and she yanked herself away from him.
"No," she said, shaking her head. "I'm sorry, I know I agreed to this but I can't."
She pulled free from his embrace and walked away. Logan, heartbroken, watched her walk towards the door and then he rushed after her.
"No!" he said, throwing her up into his arms.
Rogue felt herself surrendering in his embrace as he held her tight, her feet dangling in the air, his lips next to her ear.
"I need you, Rogue. I need you more than I've ever needed anyone," he professed, letting her feet touch the ground, placing soft kisses on her mouth.
She closed her eyes and felt his power over her.
"I love you," he said. "Just stay. Stay tonight," he murmured, undoing the buttons of her blouse, revealing creamy breasts.
His mouth was on her, tasting her and loving her. Having been denied him so long her mind was completely gone. She couldn't think. She knew what she wanted and finally, she expressed it.

She wrapped her legs around him as he lifted her into his arms before lowering them both onto the bed. His lips cascaded over hers, his hand brushing the brunette locks out of her face to look at her. Hot tears were about to fall from her eyes.

"Hey," Logan said to her. "I love you. I
love you. There is nothing wrong in this moment. You are safe and completely


She laughed softly, never feeling as beautiful in her whole life than when he touched her. He showered kisses over her face, loving how the flush in her cheeks increased as he did so, wanting her to feel as gorgeous as she was.

"I love you too. I've always loved you."

He lifted her left hand that still held a wedding band on the ring finger. Turning the band until it loosened and came off, he threw it to the side and she felt a flutter from deep inside, startled that she didn't miss the band on her finger.
Her eyes stayed with his as his hands undressed her, completely stimulating her until she felt the ache inside her drop from her solar plexus to her sacral plexus.
Making his way down her body, he lifted her legs up around his shoulders, pulling her to him. Lying flat on her back, Rogue spread her body out and crumpled the sheets in her hands. Logan's elegantly masculine hands gripped her thighs gently and stroked them with his fingers as he pulled her closer to him, flicking his tongue gently over her-teasing purposely to entice a shuddering response. She relaxed instantly, giving into his hands, his mouth, wanting him to make her come. Her moans were soft at first as he continued to tease, repeating with the same pressure, encouraging her initial shiver that would let him have his first taste.
He licked her gently when he felt her first shudder, her lower stomach muscles clenching in response to him. Her whimpers completely fueled his ambition as he bathed her folds ruthlessly. He showed no mercy as his mouth now worked to finish what he'd started, to feel her body shatter against him while her impending orgasm shut down her mind, allowing her to beg for him in ways she otherwise might have not been so willing to verbalize. Her body writhed against his mouth, driving him crazy as he pushed her to the brink-until she came, far too exhausted to scream, far too satisfied to move.
"Logan," she sighed, smiling as every muscle inside her felt completely freed from all tension.
He licked his lips and made his way up her body, cupping her face.
"Look at me, Rogue."

She opened her hazy eyes.

"I want you long after this. I want you here and now, but I want you forever. I'm not letting you go after tonight," he promised entering her swiftly, watching her smile as she cried out for him.

"Please," she whimpered, as she felt another orgasm quickly flowing through her, as she brought her body up to meet his.
She tightened her walls around him he groaned against her, thrusting hard. Stealing a look down between their bodies he saw himself inside her, literally losing himself in her and he shuddered. Roughly, Rogue reached up and pulled him to her.

"I need this," she heard him say, his fingers diving into her hair. "I need this with you."

"I'm here; I'm here with you now."
She was too in love with the sensations to make the promises he needed. Her hand reached up against his face, caressing him gently.
"I want you more," she whispered against his mouth.
He sank his tongue inside her mouth, to duel with hers, mimicking the actions of their lower bodies. He knew she was close when she arched against him, so he pumped himself more rapidly, feeling his own spasms begin. Smelling the wine on her breath, he licked the remnants off of lips, scooping his hands beneath her to cup her bottom, thrusting into her more deeply.

He grazed over her repeatedly in just the right place, angling himself perfectly to drag across her clit with each thrust until he felt her split apart in his arms. Logan let go, joining her in the delicious fall, never leaving her body.
After many long minutes, Rogue rested herself between the wrinkled sheets on his bare chest while his hand lay possessively on her waist.
She knew Logan recovered much faster than she did and that he would probably want to do this several times before the night was over, but she was deep in thought, deep in recovery, and deep in something else she couldn't quite name.


She shivered slightly at the use of her real name. She forced her tired torso up off his chest and looked at him. Her hair was a mess, her lips were swollen and she had slight bruises along her breasts where he'd sucked and nipped her.

But she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.

"Tell me you don't love me," he challenged.

The corners of her mouth tipped up in a small smile. "Loving you was never the problem. I couldn't not love you, Logan. I have felt things for you since before it was appropriate. Since before I understood them. I'm still facing that problem."

"But you're still in love with him."

"Logan, can't we use this time to be in love with each other? We were just together in a beautiful way. I want to be with you. Give me five minutes before you grill me about the choices I will undoubtedly have to make."

He pulled her to him, covering her up and holding her close. She welcomed herself in his arms, breathing him in.
"I just don't want to lose you. And…you're right. I never really had you but to me, I had you first."
"You did know me first," she affirmed. "But…you know I've been deeply in love with someone else. Someone who, by the way, you did not object to at the time. It's hard to just 'fall out of love' with him."

"And have you?"

"I don't know if I have entirely. I know how much I'm falling for you. It's your face I'm seeing when I go to sleep at night and your face I want to see when I wake up. But Logan, you could say all these things and then you could be gone the next day. Do you really want to make a life with me?"
Logan, for the first time that he could consciously remember, could see it all - the entire life package - and he wanted it with her.
"Yes, everything that life could mean. The kids, be an X-Man, everything. You are the only one who I would want that kind of life with, Rogue."

"Babe, exactly."

He pulled her lips to his for a full-blown kiss.

"You are mine."

As she kissed him, she allowed herself to fall into him and finally, it felt right. She smiled against his mouth.

"Yes, Logan. I am."

To Be Continued

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