Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Keep Bleeding by HaveNoMercy (Chapter 3)

Remy had had enough. He was reaching the end of his understanding. He'd married Rogue a year ago after only a sixth month courtship and now he was beginning to lose her to a man who was chasing her right in front of him. Logan had been someone he'd admired once upon a time. They'd had their own interesting friendship, but after fixating himself on Rogue, he'd shot whatever they'd had to hell.

Rarely did Remy make his reaction denial and withdrawal but in this case he just couldn't face the possibility of losing the woman he loved more than anything. So as much as he despised it, looking the other way it was how he'd been dealing with it.

However, as time went on there was only so much looking the other way a husband could do. His possessiveness of his wife was increasing. The looks Logan had been giving Rogue and the way she'd turn away was eating at Remy in large doses. Rogue was his and his patience was now running thin.

He sat in their bedroom flipping his cards as he waited for her. She came in at 1:14 in the morning and shut the door behind her.

"Oh, you're up," she said, already beginning to unclasp the hook on her pleated skirt.

"Where've y'all been?" he asked, running a hand through his long brown hair.

"I was with the girls. I told you we went out for dinner and cocktails. I told you we had plans."

He vaguely remembered her telling him that but it didn't remove the images of Logan and her that were burned into his mind. He stood up slowly as he watched her remove her skirt, slide it down her shapely legs and peel down her hose before putting on a nightgown.

"Ah saw you with Logan today."

"We were helping a student," she sighed, tired of defending the action for the third time today.

Coming up behind her, he purposely invaded her space.

"You think ah'm really that blind? He's not that subtle and neither are you. You two right under mah nose."

Rogue dipped her head down, curling her hands into fists, feeling stripped open.

"Remy," she whispered under her breath.

"You know ah just want to block him out of your mind," he said, his strong hands moving to cup her head. "Ah want you to forget him completely. Stop thinking about him, stop hearing him, stop wanting him. He's livin' and breathin' inside you. Your mutation has a hold of him, long before ah ever came along."

He squeezed her head, purposely hurting her before moving his strong hands down her neck, her shoulders, ribcage, stopping at her waist.

"You think about him, don't you? His mouth on you? His body inside yours, fuckin' you non-stop?"

"I think about you."

His mouth went to her ear, sucking on the lobe.

"You're a liar, Rogue."

When he literally tore the nightgown from her body, she felt frightened and excited in one breath. He was out of his mind, out of control and finally taking his rage out on her. Remy could excite her simply by looking at her, and he was. Leaning her over the railing of the bed, he pushed himself inside her, eliciting a deep moan from her. He had her trapped in his arms and completely naked as he pulled her hair away from her neck, biting down on the soft flesh, making his mark.

"Remy," she cried.

It was too much. This wasn't right. He was overwhelming her and she pushed him back, breaking away from him and removing him from within her. Turning, she faced him, determined to convince him that she was innocent.

"Remy, I've been faithful to you."

She eased back against the bed and he came closer to her.

"You back away anymore and Ah'll make you regret it," he vowed, stalking his way towards her, pulling his shirt off.

Her pulse pounded loudly, her heart beating fast. He was stimulating her. She couldn't deny that her husband still made her crazy, in a lot of ways, and this was definitely still one of them. As he came towards her, her heart and body clenched with excitement. She cried out as he darted towards her, pinning her against him.

"Ah'm gonna have to remove him from your mind," he hissed, driving himself into her.

Rogue held herself up against the bed. Everything left her mind and all she could feel was him.

"You've betrayed me," he whispered, and she could hear how broken he was from how he spoke.

She tried to shake her head as he pounded into her.

"No, I haven't!" she defended.

He stroked her clit with his fingers as he licked the shell of her ear. She tried to form a thought, tried to manage a sentence but she couldn't. His fingers…stroking her like that kept her mind blank. His hands, on her…

"Ah'm not goin' to let you think about him."

He slid in and out of her, over and over, filling her, making her wet. He gathered her wetness on his fingers, spreading it, feeling it. Then, abruptly stopping, he pushed her back against the bed.

"Trust me, Rogue, you'll be screamin' all night, and thinkin' about me for days."

And scream all night, she did.

To Be Continued

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