Thursday, 8 October 2015

Buenos días / Good morning

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  1. One character that Kitsch will represent perfectly well is “Bel Ami” from the novel of Guy de Maupassant, this is perfect and ideal for Kitsch, and he would be one of the few that fits perfectly well in this particular character. Kitsch is, indeed, an extremely good looking guy; his eyes are full of life, and he has a wonderful gaze. I know, through friends in Austin, that he is a down to earth person and a humble one. In FNL I loved his character Tim Riggins in FDL, which I saw it only last year. He was amazing there, and was great in movies like Normal Heart, Bang Bang Club and in his short lines in Lone Survivor. He should be by now, at the top of the actors of his generation, nevertheless for a reason that I don't understand he isn't. In Savages was all right, but even this film wasn't the best, in spite of the director and the other fantastic actors. I am sure if he returns to other roles, more romantic, as I said previously; he will be in this life in the Actor’s Hall of Fame. I know that Kitsch is very spontaneous, charming, and has class, he will win everything and he will be very successful as he was some years ago.


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