Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Taylor yesterday in LA (Aug 18th)

credit to @nattymilns via twitter

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  1. Kitsch my best wishes for your career, hope that you will take this advice, well nothing you can take it for granted. Next time instead of going to Jimmy Fallon’s show, which is quite foolish and not serious at all, you should go to Charlie Rose in New York, which is, according with most people opinion the best journalist and interviewer on the US television, his very smart and interesting interviews are excellent and quite serious. Charlie is fundamental to boost furthermore your wonderful career. Well another suggestion is the Graham Norton Show in London, he is another guy who has a very funny show, where all of the most outstanding actors and actresses are invited; Graham is a decent man, who will invite you with some of your colleagues. Hope you will go to both shows, and I wish you the best in your profession. No doubt that you deserve to be one of the top actors of our age and from your generation, your humbleness, your decency, your empathy, and the way that you assume with great professionalism and seriousness your characters on the movies that you had acted, will open much more doors in the near future. God bless you, your family, mother and all what you do.


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